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Participation of the Cyprus Land Development Corporation in Working Committees of Housing Europe in Brussels between 3-5 March 2020


A group of representatives of the Cyprus Land Development Corporation, namely Mr. Marios Pelekanos, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Ms Maria Kyriakidou, Deputy General Director, visited Brussels from 3 to 5 of March 2020 where they participated in Working Committees of Housing Europe of which the Corporation has been a full member since June 2018.


Specifically, the representatives participated in

  1. the workshop co-organized by Housing Europe, the European Policy Centre and the EU Energy Poverty Observatory focused on promoting the area-based approach to tackle energy poverty within the framework of the European Green Deal.
  2. the meeting of the Working Committee on Energy, Construction and Standardization on Housing Europe’s contribution to the European Commission’s initiative to upgrade the housing stock, the circular economy and modern construction/renovation methods, and the global environmental assessment of buildings.
  3. the meeting of the Working Committee on Social Affairs where the European Commission’s social policy agenda was presented as well as the progress of social innovation in the social, cooperative and public housing sector. In addition, the representatives participated in discussions with the Housing Europe Observatory where the indicators of measuring housing affordability in the European Union and related housing research activities of Housing Europe were discussed.
  4. the meeting of the Committee on Economics, Finance and Internal Market where, inter alia, the implementation of public procurement rules and potential progress in the light of the Green Deal as well as new priorities and implications for housing funding in Europe were examined.
  5. a presentation by the European Investment Bank where the results of a study on the anticipation of investment needs for renovations and new constructions in Europe were presented.

The CLDC representatives had the opportunity to meet personally with representatives of the European Investment Bank who confirmed their intention to work closely with the Corporation to advance plans in order to open-up the affordable rental market.






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