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Housing Scheme for Medium-Income Individuals/Households


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According to the relevant legislation, the Cyprus Land Development Organisation acquires land which separates into plots or allocates for the construction of residences and apartments. These constructions are available to individuals or families who are unable to solve their housing problem on their own.


The Organisation is working on housing projects throughout Cyprus. Plot separation is mainly available in rural areas where there is a need for accommodating young couples.



Income Criteria

The income criteria have been recently reviewed by the decision of the Cabinet dated 21/07/2010.

The Organisation may offer the housing units to households or individuals with the following annual gross income:


The annual gross income, depending on the composition of the family, should not exceed:



Families with no children €40.000
Families with 1 child €44.000

Families with 2 children


Families with 3 children


Families with 4 children


Families with 5 children


Families with 6 children




Other Criteria

For the assessment of the applications received, other criteria other than the annual gross income, are taken into consideration by the Cyprus Land Development Organisation such as movable and immovable property, housing conditions etc. EU citizens are also entitled to apply as well as permanent residents of the Republic provided that they have a continuous legal residence in Cyprus for five (5) years.


According to the recent Cabinet decision dated 02/05/2012 the following provision has been added to the Scheme:


“The Cyprus Land Development Organisation is entitled to offer residences for sale to applicants who do not own any other residence or sizable assets (exceeding €500.000) and whose income exceeds the limits set out by the Housing Scheme for Medium-Income Individuals/Households. This provision shall become enforceable once all applications submitted by individuals/households who meet the income criteria have been reviewed and provided that there are still housing units available for sale. This provision shall remain in effect until all housing units available at the time of this decision have been sold”.


The Cabinet made the above decision with 320 units available for sale.


In August 2018, still remain ___ housing units available for sale.




The benefits that the Cyprus Land Development Organisation offers to its customers are significant. More specifically the Organization is in a position to offer:



Low Prices

The main objective of the Organisation is the implementation of part of the governmental social policy through housing schemes. It offers residences, apartments and plots of land in low prices to accommodate the social groups it was designed to assist when founded.



Affordable and flexible repayment terms

The deposit is set to 25% of the price, while the buyer is not required to make any intermediate payments until the completion and delivery of the property. To facilitate the buyer, where deemed necessary, the Organisation allows deposits of 15% of the price of the property upon execution of the contract of sale and the remaining 10% shall bear interest and be payable upon delivery of the residence/apartment.



Long-term repayment

The Cyprus Land Development Organisation works in cooperation with the Housing Finance Corporation (HFC) and offers to its customers the option, if they so wish, to secure a loan up to 75% of the value of the contract with long-term repayment options and subsidised interest.


Buyers are free to secure a loan from any other Financial/Credit Institution if they wish to do so.



Exceptional Construction Quality

The Cyprus Land Development Organisation offers affordable schemes without sacrificing functionality and comfort. All constructions are supervised by experienced Scientific and Technical Personnel who guarantees excellent quality.