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Available Ready-built Residential Units/Plots – LimassolΛεμεσός

Asomatos (NIREAS Ι)

Asomatos (NIREAS Ι)

This project includes blocks of apartment buildings, geometrically constructed around a square and conveniently shaped for pedestrian traffic with staging areas, benches and planting pits.


The south side of the project includes a public green space and a planting pit, playground etc. Altogether these give the housing complex and the wider area an operational and quality upgrade through residential development. The area around the housing project, resembles an image of a “natural landscape” due to the corps and citrus trees that have been planted.


The housing complex is situated at Ermou Street. Housing units are available through both Housing Schemes (Housing Scheme for Low-Income Individuals/Households and Housing Scheme for Medium-Income Individuals/Households).

Αρ.Προτ.Οικ / ΔιαμΑρ υπν.Εμβ ΑυλήςΕμβ μονάδαςΕμβ ακάλ. βερ.Εμβ καλ. βερ.Συνολικό ΕμβΤιμή Πώλησης
Β204Διαμ412515140 €142.800

Η επιφάνεια (εμβαδόν) αναφέρεται στους ωφέλιμους χώρους της οικίας ή του Διαμερίσματος ΜΟΝΟΝ.

* Η διαθέσιμη οικιστική μονάδα έχει προταθεί σε υποψήφιο αγοραστή.

** Μεταχειρισμένη Μονάδα. Δεν υπόκειται σε ΦΠΑ.